by Jen Fong

God designed our bodies to be used. When we fail to use this gift he’s given us, the body decays and eventually becomes useless. However there is ample opportunity to restore the body along the way with care, feeding and exercise.

The same can be said for the many talents God gives to us. It’s no accident that we can sing, or take pictures, or know how to comfort, or can cook, or any one of the myriad of things we excel at. God gave us each talent for a specific purpose, and he will give us the opportunity to use each talent we have.

It’s our responsibility, therefore, to develop our talents. To keep them in working order through frequent practice. For many opportunities will arise in which we can use those talents to fulfill our purpose and touch others. Your talents are not for you alone. They are precious and should not be wasted. For God uses these talents to touch the world.

What are your talents?