Sucking Your Thumb

When my kids started sucking their thumbs, I quickly tried to discourage it. I gave them stuffed animals, teething toys, pacifiers, and hand towels for them to play with or suck on instead. At first I thought they were in pain, and sometimes it was teething. However, it was mostly me worrying that it would be a hard, bad habit to break and it seemed unsanitary. Now I understand that we all suck our thumbs in some form. It’s like keeping that old High school football jersey around, or talking to yourself, checking the mirror repeatedly, list making, doodling or pacing. We develop these seemingly quirky rituals because we need comfort, quiet, reassurance and direction as we confront the world. For most of us, these rituals help us develop our confidence, find peace of mind and embrace the pursuit for personal fulfillment.

Mixed media/collage signed print with verse. $40
8-1/2″ x 11″