Autumn Breeze

Image credit: rankinz302

by John

The night is longer,

School has started,

The wind howls as it chills the air,

The blue sky deepens and crisps,

Monday back pack checks and warm breakfast fills chattering bellies,

A whiff of fluoride, a palm wipe around the mouth, and smoothing kinked strands of hair,

Visions of day-mares that horrify mirrors to cheering squeals,

Dusting off bats, ghouls and head stones,

Sweeping, corralling, twitching crackled lifeless leaves into bean bag-like blobs,

Flip flop cold and hot baked days,

The day is shorter,

Cluster tree tops of fiery reds, mustard yellows, moldy violets and hint of distant greens,

Ends with counting lollipops, chocolate bits and tired belly aches,

And hints of snow dust in the horizon.