About Us

Hi there! Thanks for visiting our little corner of the web.

While this blog is new, we’re not new to the blog-o-sphere. Jen is a social media strategist who regularly works with companies, helping them create and manage their social media presences, and speaks to large audiences about how to use social media successfully for sales. You can see her work blog at http://www.jenfongspeaks.com. John manages the day to day of our social media business, while also keeping the household of 3 kids (and a dog!) running smoothly, and exploring his own passions through his artwork and writing, volunteering, and other pursuits online.

So yes, we work together. And we love it. Most of the time. 🙂

That said, we also have other stuff to say that can’t be done through our “official” work sites. So we decided to create this blog to feed our other passions.

We’re both former teachers. We both love parenting, and have strong opinions on what it takes to raise good, successful kids. Jen loves to cook. John loves art. We’re both committed to doing our part to make this world a better place through social action.

On this blog, we’ll share our thoughts on these topics, along with the products and organizations we’ve found that we love. We hope these thoughts make you think, help you with your day to day, and put a smile on your face.

Welcome to the journey. We’re so glad you’re here!