What is Up With the Cost of Movies Today? Jen and John Speak

What is Up With the Cost of Movies Today?

I remember when going to the movies was affordable family entertainment.

Today I have a family of 5, and the closest theater is a “dine in” theater.

What this means in practical terms is that it typically costs us $150 to go to the movies. (YIKES)

Now I will say that I’ve never been a huge movie-goer. Ask me if I’ve seen something and I probably haven’t. The last 2 movies we saw in the theater were kids’ movies…Rio and Spy Kids (both in 3D). Before that, I couldn’t tell you the last movie I saw in a theater. Really.

So perhaps it’s because I haven’t been in a while that I’m experiencing such sticker shock.

John points out that it costs about the same as going to the boardwalk at the beach for a day. True. But it’s the FREAKIN BEACH. It’s all day entertainment, rides, and food. It’s supposed to cost more. We’re not talking about a couple of hours in a chair.

So maybe I’m the kind of person who DVDs were invented for.

Do you experience sticker shock from movies? Any tips for making them more affordable? I’d love to read your thoughts in the comments.

  • Yeah, I don’t actually eat there. I do always pay the upgrade for 3D. I love it! I will usually get a popcorn and a drink but do not buy other food or candy there. I don’t go to the movies that often but when I do it is a treat but I still try not to get outrageous with it.

  • Going to the movies is expensive before you even think about buying the food! My husband and I have no kids yet, so our movie experiences are sometimes spur of the moment! We might decide 20mins before a movie that we want to go see it, so we’re ready and out the door in ten, and sitting in our seats just as the movie begins (if we’re lucky)! When I know ahead of time that we’re going, I hit the supermarket first! I buy all the things we like to eat at the movies for a much better price than the cinema. My husband loves a Frozen Coke when he’s watching a movie, so he can still buy that, but I have everything else in my bag, including a supermarket brand of water for myself. The only other thing we *might* buy at the cinema would be popcorn, but neither of us usually buy popcorn, so that’s not an issue. You’d be surprised how many cinema-friendly treats you can buy from the supermarket (some of which I can’t buy at the cinema)! You probably already buy these for your DVD nights in!