Outside Yourself

Have you ever experienced an out-of-the-body moment? Most of us envision it to be floating ghostly clouds above our earthly corpses, in dark, cold, dimly-lit rooms. Or heart-pounding dream worlds where we can fly, fall, in an endless loop that we can’t seem to escape from. My out-of-the-body experiences are more simple. Like when I’m in the bathroom, I suddenly see a tile and a corner of a towel become a house. Or when I’m driving, and get the feeling that I should turn here, and find out later I avoided an accident. It’s this connection to something beyond me. It pumps my blood, it gives me a flush rush, a hint of fear from being blinded for a while, and in the end, awe in the revelation. This connection happens more often when I’m willing to put myself out there.

Mixed media/collage signed print with verse. $40
8-1/2″ x 11″