No One Told Me About the Parental Aptitude Test for Girl Scouts! Jen and John Speak

No One Told Me About the Parental Aptitude Test for Girl Scouts!


I am not a domestic diva. Not by any stretch of the imagination. I don’t scrapbook or sew or do any of those wonderful crafty things I stand in awe of when I see other moms do them. Sure I can put together a bookshelf with the best of them, but crafty? Not me.

Funny story…when my oldest son started pre-school, we were hanging out together in the “imaginative play” section of the classroom. It had a toy kitchen, ironing board, babies, etc. My kid had to ask me what the ironing board and iron were. Never saw those before. *hangs head in shame*

So anyway, my daughter just signed up for brownies. She has a lot of boy in her life with 2 brothers…Legos, Star Wars, martial arts, etc. I figured she needed a seriously girly activity, but I still wanted it to be character building. Brownies seemed to fit the bill. So we signed her up.

They sent me a list of the stuff I’d need to buy for her uniform…vest, patches, pins. When it arrived I REALIZED I WOULD NEED TO IRON ON THE PATCHES. Like, STRAIGHT. Praise the Lord I didn’t have to sew them on. That might have sent me over the edge.

I looked at the directions. There is pre-ironing, ironing cloths, and flipping of the garment involved. No lie, my hands started to sweat and my heart started beating fast. Seriously. No one told me there was a parental aptitude test for this. Like, if I can’t manage to get these things on straight, my child will be the laughing-stock of brownies. But no pressure or anything! Ha!

So last night I bit the bullet. Laid out all the patches. Placed them all first, prior to ironing, just to make sure. Then I had to remove everything, pre-iron, place, ironing cloth iron, flip and iron, flip, ironing cloth, and iron again. I swear. Those were the instructions.

I only messed up a little by failing to remove a backing from one of the numbers. And that was easily remedied. Her little vest actually looks like a competent mother ironed it.

But holy cow. Next time I think they should warn the parents about the aptitude test!

What puts pressure on you when trying to do things for your kids? I can’t be the only one! Share your stories in the comments.

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  • Paulette

    If it is super stressful ask if there is another parent in the troop thatย  is good at this kind of thing. I am starting my 5th year as a GS leader and I do offer help to parents that struggle with this. It is a good idea to find out what skills and talents all the parents have. You may be surprised at the resources you have around you.

  • Aejeney

    I found that the ironing of the patches didn’t hold them on.ย  They would fall off.ย  Sylvia’s downtown will sew them on for you at a reasonable price.ย  She also buys girl scout cookies from all of her customers.ย 

  • Charlenephillips

    Hot glue next time Jen!ย  You will feel very proud of yourself and it only takes minutes…

    • LOL! You see, I should have consulted with all my smart friends first!

  • Nancy Laichas

    I’m so glad that Maddie didn’t want to become a Brownie. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • She would have looked have adorable in the vest, however!

  • Tanya Johnson

    The mums that sew and iron and scrapbook probably couldn’t run a blog or social media company like you do. We’re all different and talented in different areas. I like the idea of asking other parents what their skill levels are and ‘sharing’ the parental tasks. After all, do we want to teach our kids that they must be able to do everything themselves, and without help from anyone else? I think this would be a good way to teach our kids that we need each other and the specific skills each of us brings to the table. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  • StatMom

    This is too funny! Whenever the smallest sewing task needs to be done at our house, DD9 always pipes up with “Maybe Grandma can do it!” Thanks for your confidence in me, but I think I can sew on a button.