Fighting the Germ-Fest Jen and John Speak

Fighting the Germ-Fest

With the cold weather comes the germies!

This is that time of year when we begin battling the school germs in earnest. One son has already battled bronchitis, the drips from fall allergies begin, and I shudder to think about what those little hands do before they touch the things my kids touch. After a couple of years of constant sickness in the house, I’ve started to get pretty serious about fighting the germs. Here is some of what we do:

  • Hands get washed the second they get home from school. They’re not allowed to do anything else before that happens.
  • I wipe down the shopping cart handles, sides, etc. I love it when supermarkets provide wipes. But when they don’t, I have my own in my purse. I focus on more than just the top and bottom of the handle…I wipe anything on the cart my kids might touch.
  • I keep a bottle of hand sanitizer in the car. It’s in the pocket right behind the front passenger seat. That way I can reach it from the driver’s seat, and the kids can also reach it and pass it around. Whenever we’re out, the first thing we do when we get back in the car is sanitize.
  • All children have been trained to cough/sneeze into their elbows, NOT their hands.
  • Healthy diet. This is always, but especially during the cough/cold season, it helps.
  • Staying home. The second a child shows signs of illness, we pull them out of school. It doesn’t help their immune system or the rest of the kids at school to send my kids back as contributing members to the germ-fest. Instead, they stay home and get better first.

Do we avoid every illness floating around the school? No. But we definitely do better than if we didn’t take these steps. I never want that year of constant sickness again!

How do you avoid the germies passed around school this time of year? Would love to read your tips and hints in the comments below.

  • The healthy diet should eliminate as many processed foods as possible: stay with fresh or frozen veggies and fruits.  Add Usanimals to their healthy diet, and they’re immune system will thank you ;~) Robin

  • Yes, you got it! What I did when my kids were in school, feeding them good fresh food and being out as much as we could. Fresh air makes you strong and the germs are in closed rooms……

  • A healthy immune system is critical – consider the people who survived the Black Plague. I take two of Shaklee’s NutriFeron every day and have not had so much as head cold in over two years.  At the very first sign of trouble – that first swallow that says something is going on with my throat, or a twinge in my sinuses that indicate something is trying to brew  – I immediately add Defend & Resist Complex, another herbal blend that includes echinacea.
    By the way, in case someone doesn’t know, any brand of echinacea should never be taken on a regular, on-going basis. After about ten to fourteen days, our bodies no longer respond to its effect.  It should only be taken on an as-needed basis.