Every Woman Needs a Fabulous Pair of Red Shoes

I am of the opinion that every woman needs a pair of fabulous red shoes.

It’s an emotional well-being thing.

When you walk down the street in a pair of fabulous red shoes, people notice. They compliment you. That pair of shoes can make you stand tall and feel fabulous all day.


Too many women sacrifice looking and feeling fabulous for comfort (in the guise of ratty old sweats.) It’s not necessary. You never wear a set of old sweats out and get compliments. You never stand tall or feel great.

Don’t do it to yourself. It’s possible to be comfortable AND look great. Find out the type of jeans that compliments your body shape, and buy yourself a couple pairs of stylish ones from Target each season. Get rid of the shapeless t-shirts, and trade them out for ones that highlight your assets. Put on a necklace, and some earrings with your jeans.

Don’t try to hide behind shapeless clothing. Sure, be comfortable. But do it in clothing that looks great on you. If you’re not sure where to start, do a Google search on “Dress for Your Body Shape.” You’ll find lots of great info to get you started.

It doesn’t have to be expensive to dress in ways that make you feel good. Heck, I do most of my shopping at Target and Old Navy, with just a few select pieces for work from New York & Company and Macy’s. But you deserve to feel and look good. It affects everything…the way you feel, the way your husband reacts to you, the way you parent your children, the confidence you have…the list goes on.

The pair of red shoes are the icing on the cake (I have purple ones too!). They make people notice that you feel great about yourself. What a gift to give yourself!

What’s your favorite item of clothing that makes you feel great?