Communicating with the Working Parent Jen and John Speak

Communicating with the Working Parent

With all this technology, you'd think it would be easy to send messages to working parents.

Communication has changed drastically since we were kids, but I’m pretty sure that a lot of schools and kids’ after school activities failed to get the memo.

As a working parent, I feel the brunt of this on a weekly basis.

My husband is responsible for going through the backpacks and managing the paper so I don’t see everything. And as a result, I find out about things like the fact that it was Crazy Hat Day when we arrive at the bus stop in the morning. Without our crazy hats, of course.

And then of course you have after school activities like ballet, where the preferred mode of communication is pinning up notices on the bulletin board. Which of course only works if you are the one dropping your child off and picking them up.

It seems like the entire world of communication around kids is geared towards the stay-at-home mom sitting in that waiting room, and going through the backpack after school.

But what about the rest of us? The ones who would be completely on top of things if they would just send a damn email? Or a text? Or a Google Calendar invite?

Gen Y considers email passe, and the schools haven’t even caught up to that yet. How on earth are they going to communicate with parents as communication ever changes?

I am a working parent. PLEASE send me an email if I need to know. So my kid arrives with the crazy hat on Crazy Hat Day. Thank you.

What do you think?

  • I think they need to be reading your blogs and learning about communication methods! Trouble is that they don’t recognise there is a problem. How are they expected to change if they don’t realise there is a problem? Maybe they don’t know how to email or text and need a lesson?

  • this made me laugh and cringe at the same time.  I am the parent that sent back the paperwork to volunteer to help out with the American Indian classroom project  AFTER it had already taken place.  Yes, I work from home, but NO I don’t go through the backpack everyday.  I am like you, on my computer much of the day and quick to reply to email and FB messages.  Heck send me a text and I’ll be there to help, put it in the back pack and I’ll show up a week later.  🙁