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Disney Can Do Better for Girls

Disney Can Do Better for GirlsThe other day I was sitting at the table with my upper-elementary school aged daughter. She started to tell me about how you knew it was time to break up with a boy, how hard long distance relationships were, how to choose a good boyfriend, etc. Now my daughter has never dated a boy (goodness no!) and I realized, these were all storylines from the Disney television shows she has been watching.

Now I have been tolerating a select few of the Disney shows because she really enjoys them and all her friends watch them. But after this conversation, John and I realized it’s time to put the brakes on. Almost every Disney show targeted towards girls my daughter’s age is based on the same formula…girl who can sing/dance/songwrite has situations in high school that often involve boys. They actually kind of make my head hurt.

But you know what? Disney can do better! Where are the shows about girl detectives, girl scientists, girl computer programmers, girl adventurers? Why does every show have to be about the same thing? Aren’t girls so much more than that? And haven’t the Disney writers proven themselves capable of writing about plenty of entertaining themes that have mass market appeal?

Now I understand that the Disney machine’s formula makes them a lot of money. Their little stars do a lot more than just act on the show…they go on tour, sell records, etc, and Disney gets a cut of everything.

But Disney owes our girls more. They are more than capable of making entertaining shows that don’t have 9 year old girls processing what makes a good boyfriend. There is more than enough time for that! Why not focus on showing girls the possibilities. All the many things they are capable of. Skipping the boyfriend conversation entirely. These are kids, after all!

What shows do you let your girls watch? Where are the shows that encourage girls to be all they can be and to embrace the possibilities? Would love to read your thoughts in the comments!

Autumn Breeze

Image credit: rankinz302

by John

The night is longer,

School has started,

The wind howls as it chills the air,

The blue sky deepens and crisps,

Monday back pack checks and warm breakfast fills chattering bellies,

A whiff of fluoride, a palm wipe around the mouth, and smoothing kinked strands of hair,

Visions of day-mares that horrify mirrors to cheering squeals,

Dusting off bats, ghouls and head stones,

Sweeping, corralling, twitching crackled lifeless leaves into bean bag-like blobs,

Flip flop cold and hot baked days,

The day is shorter,

Cluster tree tops of fiery reds, mustard yellows, moldy violets and hint of distant greens,

Ends with counting lollipops, chocolate bits and tired belly aches,

And hints of snow dust in the horizon.

What is Up With the Cost of Movies Today?

I remember when going to the movies was affordable family entertainment.

Today I have a family of 5, and the closest theater is a “dine in” theater.

What this means in practical terms is that it typically costs us $150 to go to the movies. (YIKES)

Now I will say that I’ve never been a huge movie-goer. Ask me if I’ve seen something and I probably haven’t. The last 2 movies we saw in the theater were kids’ movies…Rio and Spy Kids (both in 3D). Before that, I couldn’t tell you the last movie I saw in a theater. Really.

So perhaps it’s because I haven’t been in a while that I’m experiencing such sticker shock.

John points out that it costs about the same as going to the boardwalk at the beach for a day. True. But it’s the FREAKIN BEACH. It’s all day entertainment, rides, and food. It’s supposed to cost more. We’re not talking about a couple of hours in a chair.

So maybe I’m the kind of person who DVDs were invented for.

Do you experience sticker shock from movies? Any tips for making them more affordable? I’d love to read your thoughts in the comments.